Promunel, propolis extract for immune & respiratory health


Webinar series - Propolis for nutraceutical applications

Part 2 - Promunel, propolis extract for immune & respiratory health

Propolis is a rich and complex material with high variability. To meet nutraceutical industry standards, a patented extraction method (M.E.D.™) for brown propolis has been developed, ensuringconsistently characterised propolis extract with a reliable bioactive profile.

These characteristics were the departure point of reliable scientific research to establish the propolis extract Promunel as the new natural standard for immune health.

Join this 30-minute webinar to focus on: 

  • The M.E.D.™ process to obtain a characterised, standardized and reproducible polyphenols fingerprint in Promunel 
  • Actual consumer expectations in immune & respiratory health 
  • The immunoregulatory role of Promunel through local and systemic actions
  • Clinical results of the efficacy of Promunel in improving upper respiratory tract comfort within 3 days of supplementation

Dr. Alberto Cozzi, Dr. Cindy Romain and Morgane Jaffrelo will be here to answer your questions or comments in a Q&A session.


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