Muscle recovery

Muscle recovery

Recoverben® is a lemon verbena extract (Aloysia citriodora) proven for its anti-inflammatory effects to provide a reduction of muscle damage and short turn recovery after intense workouts, supporting sustainable muscle strength. Supported with a published clinical trial. 400 mg/day.

Recoverben® - Key features

  • Limits inflammation
  • Protects from muscle damage in intense workout
  • Clinically proven to short turns muscle recovery after workout
  • Supports muscle strength over the recovery period

Science supporting Recoverben®

Recoverben® supports muscle strength and a faster recovery after exercise. Its mechanism of action reducing inflammation via inhibition of cyclooxygenases has been demonstrated in an in-vitro study. A clinical study demonstrated its benefits on 37 subjects.


Bioactive compounds
  Polyphenols              ≥ 13%

Composition: Lemon verbena water extract (Aloysia citriodora L.)

Recommended daily dosage: 400 mg

Mechanism of action

Recoverben® has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

Recoverben® showed significant dose-dependent inhibition of COX enzyme activities.

​The in-vitro study demonstrated beneficial effects of Recoverben® reducing inflammation via the inhibition of cyclooxygenases.


Clinically supported benefits

Double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study. 

BioTeSys GmbH

15 days


37 subjects 
19 women & 18 men
BMI: 19-30 kg/m2
Age: 22-50 years old


Day 1: Start of the supplementation
Day 10: Workout
10 sets of 20 jumps every 4s with 90s rest between sets with an additional load of 10% of the participant’s body weight 
Day 14: Evaluation of muscle strength 4 days post-workout
Muscle function testing – maximal voluntary contraction (MCV)


2 capsules of 200 mg of Recoverben® once a day

Recoverben® protects from muscle damage in intense workouts. 

Creatine kinase is a biomarker for muscle damage typically increased after intense exercise. 

This intense workout generated a higher creatine kinase concentration in the blood of the placebo group. 

48h after the intense workout, the group supplemented with Recoverben® experienced a lower creatine kinase production, signing lower muscle damage.

Recoverben® protects from muscle strength loss after the workout and helps to accelerate muscle recovery.

Changes in muscle function appear to be the best marker of exercise induced muscle damage. 

Maximal contractions were significantly less reduced after exercise in the Recoverben® group.

Recoverben® supplemented group recovered in 2 days, significantly earlier than the placebo group.

Recoverben® is safe

No adverse event linked to Recoverben® supplementation has been recorded.

Regulatory & Certifications

Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians.


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