Immune & respiratory health

Immune & respiratory health

Promunel® is a brown propolis extract obtained from the patented Multi Dynamic Extraction process, guaranteeing a characterised and standardised full spectrum of polyphenols. Promunel® contributes to support immune and respiratory health. Promunel® is clinically proven to improve the comfort of the upper respiratory tract within 3 days.

Promunel® – key features

  • Characterised and standardised polyphenolic pattern

  • Obtained with the patented M.E.D.™ process which preserves the complete polyphenolic complex as occuring naturally in raw propolis

  • Regulates the local and systemic anti-inflammatory response

  • Demonstrated antibacterial efficacy

  • Clinically proven to improve the comfort of upper respiratory tract within 3 days of supplementation

Science supporting Promunel®

It has taken many years to develop Promunel®, transforming raw propolis into an advanced ingredient. Traditionally propolis has a complex composition and natural variability but this research has enabled us to produce a characterised and standardised propolis extract. The mechanism of action and clinical benefits of Promunel® have been demonstrated in a study of 122 subjects suffering from upper respiratory tract discomfort.

Process & characterisation

More than 300 polyphenols have been identified in propolis and its bioactive composition is also highly variable depending on geographic area, climatic conditions, plant species and seasonality.

Over the past decade, Fytexia has developed the Multi Dynamic Extraction (M.E.D.TM) process to extract a wide polyphenolic spectrum and obtain a wide reproducible fingerprint of characteristic polyphenols.

The M.E.D.TM process used to produce Promunel® allows the extraction of the complete, intact and identified polyphenolic complex. It ensures that at least 25% of the polyphenols in Promunel® are represented by the six main flavonoids of propolis: Galangin, Quercetin, Pinocembrin, Pinobanksin, Apigenin, Chrysin.

Six main flavonoids of propolis in Promunel®
Galangin, Quercetin, Pinocembrin, Pinobanksin, Apigenin, Chrysin
    ≥25% of the total polyphenols content in HPLC-ESI-MS 

To enable application in a range of delivery systems, Promunel® is available in four different formats, each with the same the HPLC-UV profile, guaranteeing the bioactive polyphenols in all of them.


Powder microencapsulated in Arabic gum

Hydroglyceric extract


Hydroalcoholic extract

Oily extract 



>12% total polyphenols expressed as Galangin
UV Folin Ciocalteu HPLC-ESI-MS

12 mg/ml total polyphenols HPLC-ESI-MS


EPE 38 80 GA
38 mg/ml total polyphenols expressed as Galangin
UV Folin Ciocaleu HPLC-ESI-MS

30 mg/ml total polyphenols in sunflower oil


RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE 100-200 mg 1-2 ml 0.31-0.62 ml 0.4-0.8 ml

Gummies Syrups

Tinctures Soft gels

Clinically supported benefits

Double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study.

LOCATIONS Benevento, Italy
Samnium Medical Cooperative
5 days of supplementation and follow-up
T0=baseline; T1=after 3 days; T2=after 5 days
Follow-up: T3-15 days after the end of supplementation
POPULATION 122 subjects
Age: 18-77 years old
Inclusion with mild upper respiratory tract discomfort
PROTOCOLS Clinical evaluation by medical doctor for upper respiratory tract discomfort
Throat swabs for bacterial collection

INTAKES Propolis oral spray
2-4 sprays three times/day over 5 days
Equivalent to 12-14 mg of standardised polyphenols per day

Promunel® improves upper respiratory tract comfort within 3 days of supplementation.


  • After 3 days of supplementation, 83% of the subjects taking Promunel® oral spray experienced an improvement of upper respiratory tract comfort, against 28% in the placebo group.
  • After 5 days, all the subjects experienced a reduction in respiratory discomfort.

  • Mild upper respiratory tract discomfort cleared up two days earlier in the supplemented group.

Promunel® is safe

No adverse event linked to Promunel® supplementation has been recorded.

Regulatory & Certifications

Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians
Available as organic


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