Fat loss for the long-term

Fat loss for the long-term

Sinetrol® is a natural combination of citrus polyphenols proven to provide the benefits of adipose beiging to increase energy expenditure, and thus amplifying lipolysis and reducing excess fat mass. Sinetrol® improves long-term body composition. Supported with published clinical trials on Asian and Caucasian subjects.
630 mg/day.

Sinetrol® - Key features

  • Proven mechanism of action: lipolysis enhancer providing adipose beiging benefits

  • Increase in resting energy expenditure

  • Rebalanced body composition: significant reduction of body fat mass without lean mass loss

  • Significant results on body weight, waist and hip lines

  • Long-lasting benefits: subjects continue to benefit from adipose beiging

Science supporting Sinetrol®

More than 10 years of research have been conducted to support the characterisation, mechanism of action and clinical benefits of Sinetrol® on body composition. Sinetrol® is a botanical ingredient studied in over 300 subjects and its benefits have been demonstrated using gold-standard methodology during interventional studies with follow-up.


Primary active compounds
  both expressed as flavanones   >40%

Secondary active compounds
  Other flavanones
  Caffeine                                   3.5%

Composition: Grapefruit extracts (Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck, Citrus paradisi Macfad), Orange extract (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) and Guarana extract (Paullinia cupana Kunth).

Recommended daily dosage: Sinetrol® Xpur C - 630 mg

Mechanism of action

Sinetrol® works at the adipocyte level.
Sinetrol® relies on a 2-step mechanism acting during the lipolysis process. Sinetrol® mimics the phenotype change from white to beige that occurs within adipose cells, i.e. from cells which store energy to metabolism-driven cells.

In this way, Sinetrol® prevents further restorage of fat within adipose tissue.

1. Sinetrol® enhances physiological lipolysis, boosting the release of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs).

Sinetrol® plays a role in the inhibition of PDE-3, leading to higher level of cAMP which increases the breakdown of triglycerides and release of FFAs.

2. Sinetrol® intensifies FFA metabolisation through UCPs expression promotion.


The increased cAMP level induced by Sinetrol® promotes higher expression of uncoupling proteins in beige adipose tissue. The FFAs released are dissipated as heat rather than restored as adipocytes.
The basal metabolic rate is increased indicating adipose beiging benefits.

Clinically supported benefits

  • EFSA compliant methodology.
  • Double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled studies on both Caucasian and Asian populations.
LOCATIONS Murcia, Spain
Clinical facility, UCAM
Seoul, South Korea
Kangbuk Samsung Hospital
20 weeks (16+4)

12 weeks


77 subjects
Caucasian population
BMI: 25-40 kg/m2
Age: 29-52 years old

86 subjects
Asian population
BMI: 24-30 kg/m2
Age: 25-62 years old

Body composition
DXA scan

Recommended individualised
normo-caloric diet
(Harris and Benedict)

Body composition
DXA scan

hypo-caloric diet
(-500 kcal hypocaloric diet)

2 x 450 mg/day
1 x 900 mg/day

Primary outcome: body fat mass reduction

  • The increase in metabolic rate leads to a significant reduction of subjects' total body weight compared to the placebo group.
  • 100% of the weight loss is from fat mass.
  • Body composition is rebalanced: lean to fat-mass ratio significantly improves with Sinetrol®.
  • 65% of the total fat loss is from the trunk area: the Index of Central Obesity decreases significantly.
  • Waist and hip lines significantly decrease.

Sinetrol® supports long-lasting metabolic benefits


A follow-up one month after the end of the supplementation confirms that Sinetrol® provides lasting benefits for body composition.

  • Subjects continue to lose body weight.
  • Subjects continue to reduce body fat mass.

Sinetrol® is safe

No adverse event linked to Sinetrol® supplementation over the period 2008-2023 has been recorded.

Regulatory & Certifications

Non-GMO, Halal, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians

Approved by MFDS (Korean FDA): may help to reduce body fat


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