Healthy fat mass loss for the long-term with Sinetrol - New nutrikinetic study


Healthy fat mass loss for the long-term with Sinetrol - New nutrikinetic study

Sinetrol provides fat loss for the long-term at 630 mg/day. Active polyphenols act at the adipocyte level to induce a healthy switch of the metabolism towards higher resting energy expenditure.


A newly published nutrikinetic study provides a deeper understanding of the metabolisation of Sinetrol's polyphenols in both acute and chronic consumption on 20 subjects.

  • Native compounds identified: detailed product characterisation

  • Phase II metabolites & colonic metabolites tracked

  • Bioavailability confirmed with a 24h perfusion of polyphenols

  • Safety validated at a high dose of Sinetrol on a chronic pattern


Muralidharan J. et al.; Food Funct. 2023 Nov 27;14(23):10506-10519
Impact factor: 6.1

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  • Gold standard studies on both caucasian & asian populations
  • Amplifies natural thermogenesis
  • Boosts basal metabolic rate by 10%
  • Statistically significant improvement in body composition
  • 100% of the weight loss is from fat mass without lean mass loss
  • 65% of the fat mass lost in the trunk area
  • Visible results in waist and hip lines
  • Proven weight loss for the long-term: follow-up study


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