Oxxynea - 22 Fruit & Vegetables



Antioxidant Mediterranean concentrate

22 fruit and vegetables

Proven efficacy : published study

What is Oxxynea®?

Oxxynea® is an extract of 22 fruit and vegetables standardized in polyphenols and bringing the same anti-oxidant protection as the daily consumption of 5 fresh fruit and vegetables.

Oxxynea® is the ultimate "full spectrum" polyphenol concentrate (flavanols, flavonoids, catechins, naringin) with lycopene, carotenoids, vitamins. Oxxynea® offers an Orac value of 5000 in a single gram of powder, with a polyphenol content > 75%.



Oxxynea® Health Benefits

Potent and effective, Oxxynea® is born from an uncompromising dedication to scientific method and innovative product development. The high polyphenol content of Oxxynea® is proven to be bioavailable and to help protect, maintain and improve health and vitality.


Daily Dose :

Oxxynea® FP   0.8g

Oxxynea® WS 1.0g



Scientific Evidence

Published Study


  • A randomized, placebo controlled study on hamsters, selected because their plasma lipoprotein distribution is similar to that of humans; LDL is also their major plasma cholesterol carrier.
  • Total subjects : 36 hamsters
  • Dose : equivalent of 0.8g/day of Oxxynea® FP during 12 weeks
  • Country : France
  • University of Montpellier
  • Date : 2007




Antioxydant benefits

The Oxxynea® FP group reported a significantly (p<0.05) higher plasma antioxidant capacity (+10%) and a significantly (p<0.05) lowered free radical content (-45.5%) compared to subjects who took placebo.

Cardiovascular benefits

The Oxxynea® FP group reported a significantly (p<0.05) reduced plasma total cholesterol content (-11.7%) and a significantly (p<0.05) lowered average aortic fatty streak accumulation (-77%) compared to subjects who took placebo.

All the results were measured at baseline and at the end of the 12 weeks.


Technical data


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