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Joint pain reliever

Natural anti-inflammatory benefits

Proven efficacy : clinical study

What is Mangoselect®?

Mangoselect® is a dry extract of the tropical fruit mangosteen (garcinia mangostana L.) standardized in polyphenols (>45 %) including α & γ-mangosteen, two xanthones implied in pain reduction.

Mangoselect® works as a pain reliever for people suffering of connective tissue inflammation. As Mangoselect® is an extract from a fruit traditionally used in Chinese medicine, it offers a natural alternative to pharmaceutical compounds, with no side effect.


Mangoselect® Health Benefits

We demonstrated in vitro that Mangoselect® works with the same mechanism of action as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as nimesulide, ibuprofen,… but naturally. Mangoselect® has been tested in a clinical study ran on elder people and sportsmen suffering connective tissue inflammation. It works within 5 days with the same efficacy as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, without any side effect 


Daily Dose : 

Mangoselect ® 600 mg 


Scientific Evidence

Clinical Study


 A randomized, placebo, double-blind trial where Mangoselect® is compared to a pharmaceutical pain remover : Nimesulide

  • Dose: 600 mg/day (0.05 oz) of Mangoselect® for 5 days
  • Total of participants: 24 individuals
  • People suffering joint and connective tissue injuries
  • Mangoselect Group n=12
  • Nimesulide drug Group n=12
  • Country : Italy



After 5 days of treatment, a significant overall pain reduction for the 24 subjects (both groups) was noted. Mangoselect® helped reducing pain in joint and connective tissues by -37.5% (p<0.05) whereas Nimesulide reduced pain by -54% (p>0.05). For the ederly subjects, the pain relief was as good with Mangoselect® (50%) as compared to Nimesulide (52.5%). For the 15 athletes, Mangoselect® helped reducing pain by -31% (p<0.05) whereas Nimesulide reduced pain by -55%.


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