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2014-08-28 | Vinovia & Eliaselect by Fytexia

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Scientific research

From the beginning, science has been driving Fytexia®’s development, with a special focus on  polyphenols from fruit and vegetables, and their benefits on the well-known Mediterranean diet.

The company’s expertise in health and nutrition (cardiovascular disease, free radicals, obesity) is highly recognized. Today, Fytexia® continues devoting 10% of the company’s turnover to research and development.

Every day, millions of consumers all over the world enjoy Fytexia®’s top specialities such as Sinetrol®.

When Science encounters Marketing : this is how Fytexia® generates success stories and creates value for its customers.

Two patents registered:

  • Sinetrol®: DALLAS Constantin: FYTEXIA®-NB Consulting Group(2007)Patent PCT/FR2007/051559 on citrus fruits extract
  • Oxxynea®: DALLAS Constantin: FYTEXIA®-NB Consulting Group (2007)Patent PCT/FR2007/050657 on fruits and vegetables extract

Clinical studies published

  • C. Dallas et al (2007)."Lipolyticeffect of polyphenolic effect citrus dry extract of red orange, grapefruit, orange (Sinetrol®) in human body fat weight. Mecanism of action by inhibition of Phosphodiesterase(PDE)" PhytoMedecin.
  • T. Sutra et al (2007)."A commercial extract of Fruits and Vegetables, Oxxynea®, acts as a powerful anti atherosclerotic supplement in an animal model by reducing cholesterolemia, Oxidative stress and NADPH oxidase expression ". J. Agric. Food Chem. 2007, 55, 4258-4263.

Clinical studies under publication

  • A second human clinical study on  Sinetrol® : C. Dallas et al. 2010 “Supplementation with a Citrus Polyphenols Rich Combination induced Reduction in Body Fat and Improved Inflammatory and Oxidative Status in Overweight Individuals”
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of MangoSelect® treatment (Garcinia mangostana10% mangostin) / Dott. Fulviomarzatico/ Universita’ degli studi di Pavia / 2005
  • Fiit-NS® a combination of citrus based polyphenols and vitamins B to help promote weight loss and vitality / C. Dallas /  2011